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Bio report 4-9-09 - Piper Gunderson Bio5 April 9 2009...

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Piper Gunderson Bio5 April 9, 2009 Reptiles/ Amphibians What is a reptile? A reptile is an animal that has scales and is cold blooded. It breaths air and is oviparous. A reptile is in class Reptilia. Examples include a snake, turtle, or a crocodile. What is an amphibian? An amphibian is a land animal that spends part of there life in water. An amphibian hatches from eggs in the water and lives in the water until it becomes an adult. Amphibians don’t have scales. Examples include a frog, salamander, and toad. Identification: Frogs: A smooth skinned amphibian with no warts on the skin and it has no tail Toads: A rough skinned amphibian with warts and no tail Salamanders: An amphibian that has a tail with no fins, four legs and a slippery body Turtles: A reptile that has a hard shell that covers the back/ belly, four legs, and a tail Snakes: A thin, long reptile that has no legs, slithers to move, and uses his tongue frequently to smell Goal:
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