pH Sensor Directions

pH Sensor Directions - See the Vernier web site,

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pH Sensor (Order Code PH-BTA or PH-DIN) Our pH Sensor can be used for any lab or demonstration that can be done with a traditional pH meter. This sensor offers the additional advantages of automated data collection, graphing, and data analysis. Typical activities using our pH sensor include studies of household acids and bases, acid-base titrations, monitoring pH change during chemical reactions or in an aquarium as a result of photosynthesis, investigations of acid rain and buffering, and investigations of water quality in streams and lakes. Vernier Software & Technology also publishes the following lab books that offer a wide variety of experiments using the pH Sensor: Chemistry with Vernier Water Quality with Vernier Biology with Vernier Physical Science with Vernier Middle School Science with Vernier Science with Handhelds Advanced Chemistry with Vernier Collecting Data with the pH Sensor Here is the general procedure to follow when using the pH Sensor: 1. Connect the pH Sensor to the interface. 2. Start the data-collection software 1 . 3. The software will identify the pH Sensor and load a default data-collection setup. You are now ready to collect data. Data-Collection Software This sensor can be used with an interface and the following data-collection software. Logger Pro 3 This computer program is used with LabQuest, LabPro, or Go!Link. Logger Pro 2 This computer program is used with ULI or Serial Box Interface. Logger Lite This computer program is used with LabQuest, LabPro, or Go!Link. LabQuest App This program is used when LabQuest is used as a stand-alone device. EasyData App This calculator application for the TI-83 Plus and TI-84 Plus can be used with CBL 2, LabPro, and Vernier EasyLink. We recommend version 2.0 or newer, which can be downloaded from the Vernier web site,, and then transferred to the calculator. 1 If you are using Logger Pro 2 with either a ULI or SBI, the sensor will not auto-ID. Open an experiment file for the pH Sensor in the Probes & Sensors folder. 2 See the Vernier web site, for more information on the App and Program Transfer Guidebook. DataMate program Use DataMate with LabPro or CBL 2 and TI-73, TI-83, TI-84, TI-86, TI-89, and Voyage 200 calculators. See the LabPro and CBL 2 Guidebooks for instructions on transferring DataMate to the calculator. Data Pro This program is used with LabPro and a Palm handheld. LabVIEW National Instruments LabVIEW™ software is a graphical programming language sold by National Instruments. It is used with SensorDAQ and can be used with a number of other Vernier interfaces. See for more information. NOTE:
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pH Sensor Directions - See the Vernier web site,

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