Intro and Conclusion Lab 6

Intro and Conclusion Lab 6 - Jorge Lopez Partner: Andy...

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Jorge Lopez Partner: Andy Rachlin 4/14/10 Experiment 6: A Mechanical Oscillator Introduction According to one of Newton’s laws of physics, an object acted upon by a force will experiences an acceleration in the direction of that force. In this lab we look at a puck acted upon by the influence of two springs. According to Hooke’s Law (F = -kx), the spring exerts a force on the puck. The puck will then undergo simple harmonic motion when a force acts on it. When the puck starts off at a certain distance from the origin, a force will act on it and it will accelerate it towards the origin. As the puck gets closer to the origin, it will shoot pass the origin since it has gained momentum. Then the force beings to act on the puck in the opposite direction and will therefore decelerate it and the particle will reverse direction and head towards the origin again. If the surface is frictionless, this will continue without bound. To see if the puck does experiences simple harmonic motion, we will look at the puck’s trajectory. To accomplish this, the puck will be attached to two springs on opposite sides of a frictionless air table. We will first measure the time it takes for the puck to go through one oscillation and then we will attach a spark generator to it to help us draw its trajectory. Once the spark generator is attached to the puck, we will allow to puck to do an oscillation and then the spark generator will help us draw
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Intro and Conclusion Lab 6 - Jorge Lopez Partner: Andy...

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