Intro and Conclusion Lab 8 (1)

Intro and Conclusion Lab 8 (1) - Jorge Lopez Partner Andy...

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Jorge Lopez Partner: Andy Rachlin 4/28/10 Experiment 8: Standing Waves on a String Introduction In this lab we will observe standing waves which are created from the superposition of traveling ways. This can be done by having plucking a string that has both of its ends fixed. After the string is plucked, the traveling ways then travel in two directions and reflect of each end of the string and therefore interfere with each other. According to theory, if an end of a string is moved back and forth, then the motion of the string will seem like a sine wave. This wave has two properties which are wavelength and frequency. Wavelength is the size of the sine curve as it travels down the string and frequency is how often a point in the string travels in one complete oscillation. Wavelength ( ) λ are frequency (f) are related to the speed of the wave by the equation = v fλ . Then to find the frequency of the wave we will use the equation = f = n2L τμ . To prove this we will analyze the vibration of a metal string that is under tension. The string will be fixed on a device called a sonometer which is a board that will have a string attached to one end and the other end will have a weight hanging from it. Then by using a bridge
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Intro and Conclusion Lab 8 (1) - Jorge Lopez Partner Andy...

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