critical thinking 1 - My opinion on a New York Times...

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Critical Thinking Paper # 1: POS 2041 Sec 0012 Maheen Hasan University of Central Florida The article I chose focuses on the topic of Sharia Law in America. The author, Roger Cohen, takes a look into the conservative, bible belt town of Perry, Oklahoma and exposes the towns people Islamphobia or (Shariaphobia in this case). In a town where there isn't a single Muslim the fear is strong yet irrational. Perry citizens fear that Muslims are attempting to take over America by bringing Sharia Law into the courts and destroy core American values and American freedom. In response Oklahoma courts have proposed the ballot Save our State Question 755 that bans courts from using absolutely any international or Sharia Law. Muneer Awad, a Muslim, has challenged this ballot, as of now it still hasn't become law. According to the article this case will likely be taken to the Supreme Court. Our first discussion in class was about freedom of religion and religion in laws. We were discussing various questions such as what religious exercises should be banned. Most of the class agreed that if the religious practice doesn’t cause any physical or mental harm on anyone it
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critical thinking 1 - My opinion on a New York Times...

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