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AP - essay comparing the nararators of"AP and"The Optimist"

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Maheen Hasan 9/27/10 1-2 Reading "A&P" and "Optimists" for the first time the reader notices how different the two narrarators are. But upon further reading he or she beings to realize that there are actually a few similarities between the two. Both characters live mundane lives. This is very apparent in both stories' elements, such as the monologue, setting and details. In "A&P" on a boring Thursday afternoon at work Sammy is awed by the appearance of these three girls. These rich glamorous girls clad in bikinis catch his eye as he rings up a customer's food. He describes all of them in detail, admiring specific features about each. He watches their every move and is awed by the little things they do like when Queenie pulls out money from her bathing suit. On a normal day at the A&P life is boring and very ordinary. We can conclude this from Sammy's dialogue. For example he mimics how the customers mutter to themselves, remembering the grocery lists. He knows the routine of the store so well. Also, he talks about the type of people who come in,
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