Trial - day 2

Trial - day 2 - TheFreeWorldvs.HernanCortes:Indictment...

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The Free World vs. Hernan Cortes: Indictment  Proceedings Day 2 of the Trial Judge – “Court is now in session. This is the second day of the Trial. Also may I remind everyone that the Prosecution can call Sahagun again to the stand if they wish to do so. You may now call your first witness [to prosecutor].” Prosecutor – “We wish to call Pulteca – the Cholua native.” Judge – “You may. (To Pulteca) Raise your left hand and put your right hand on the book. Repeat: do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you coach Maldonado?” Pulteca – “Yes, I do.” Judge – “Prosecution may now begin.” Prosecutor’s questioning: I am from Cholua I was a resident of this town We were preparing a big feast for these men that were coming to our land As being a women I did not know of the entire story for why they were coming All I did was take part in the cooking Yes I do recognize “this man” (Cortez) We had been told that Cortez was coming In return, we told Cortez that he could only bring with him his men and not his allies However in the end it turned out that he did not listen to us We prepared for them: food, shelter, and lots of festivals for them to watch Then suddenly a man came to us running and screaming with horrifying shrieks He looked very panicked as if something terrible was heading our way We gave him food and water After each bite he yelled, “Cortez is coming, Cortez is coming!” We told him we knew he was coming and that that was why we prepared for this grand feast for him and his men Then, at last he said, “NO Cortez is coming to kill you” We were struck with disbelief at first and then began running I had 4 children My youngest was a year old and my oldest was 8 years old War-horns Her one year old was dropped and then died (sad)
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They ran and end up being captured by Cortez and his men The mother, Pulteca, was captured with 4 other females, some which she knew He said that they poisoned their food so Pulteca took a bite to prove to them that they in fact did not Cortez’s men took the other 4 helpless women with them and left Pulteca behind “I guess he wanted to see the affects of the food on me” The next morning she heard their screams and they were all killed Prosecutor – “No further questions, Your Honor.” Judge – “(to defense) it’s your witness” Defense’s questioning Were you aware that Cortez did not in fact bring with him his allies and that they were standing outside the borders? Yes I was aware But Cortez did bring his allies Cortez’s men would not have been enough to kill 3000 native as well as destroy the city. Thus meaning Cortez’s allies came to Pulteca as well even though we told him not to bring them As a woman, how would you know the true intentions of the male natives of Cholua? Maybe as a woman I would not know but my husband was a top officer, who may
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Trial - day 2 - TheFreeWorldvs.HernanCortes:Indictment...

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