Trial day 1

Trial day 1 - The Free World vs. Hernan Cortes: Indictment...

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Unformatted text preview: The Free World vs. Hernan Cortes: Indictment Proceedings Day 1 of the Trial Judge The rise of the Spanish Empire was not one without human sadness and suffering. In its rise to glory many a native gave their life in combat, massacre, or in the face of disease in attempts to defend their homelands from European invaders. Many conquerors ruthlessly smashed native in inhabitants with an iron fist with no regard to the fragility or sacredness of life. Hernan Cortes was one of these ruthless adventurers. We are here today to listen to the facts, to listen to the witness give grim tales of destruction. Tales are so dreary that one cannot help but to feel empathy for those souls involved in such a gruesome time. As the case is heard we will determine whether or not Sr. Cortez was guilty of crossing ethical and moral boundaries in his service to the Spanish Crown. Therefore the defendant, Hernan Cortes, is hereby charged with four counts of crime against humanity: Charge 1: Murder of the Mexica Emperor Montezuma II Charge 2: Massacre at Cholua of 3000 natives Charge 3: Massacre of the natives at the festival of Toxcatl Charge 4: The deliberate destruction of Tenochtitlan (capital of the Aztecs) and the people in it How does your client plead to all these four charges? Defense Not guilty Opening statement of the Prosecutor: Prosecutor (Greg) Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, we have come here in this trial to prosecute this man for his crime against humanity. Not only is this a crime against humanity, but its am attempt to destroy the civilization. Completely just wipe out of the face of Earth. This is a civilization that has been around since centuries being a predominant civilization. This is one of the first and had a complex civilization and he just completely wiped it out by using treachery, by using massacres, and by using anything possible at his hands. In search of what? Gold. He is a greedy man and deserves to be punished for his crimes. We will first bring up the massacre at Toxcatl. This festival is a scared religious festival and without it, the natives had no idea what to do Opening statement of the Defense: Defense Ladies and gentlemen of the Jury, you have been summoned here to consider the charges against my client General Hernan Cortes, leader of the Spanish forces in Mexico. The allegations are serious and must be looked at it in-depth in order to accurately rule in this matter. The charges are a result of exaggerate accounts in context of battle and war, not ruthless. Cortez and his fleet of 11 ships dropped in the Gulf of Mexico in 1619, almost 500 years ago. Most has changed since that time. Mexico is now its own independent country and the soil walked on by Cortez is now where buildings and resorts lie. The Aztec people are still there and the population is not wiped out. However, the views and morals of the world have drastically changed. The Spaniards However, the views and morals of the world have drastically changed....
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Trial day 1 - The Free World vs. Hernan Cortes: Indictment...

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