4th day of trial

4th day of trial - TheFreeWorldvs.HernanCortes:Indictment...

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The Free World vs. Hernan Cortes: Indictment  Proceedings Day 4 of the Trial Judge – “Court is now in session. This is the fourth day of the Trial. Does the Prosecution wish to continue with cross-examining Cortez?” Prosecutor – “Yes, Your Honor” Judge – “Raise your left hand and put your right hand on the book. Repeat: do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help you coach Maldonado?” Cortez – “Yes, I do.” Prosecutor’s questioning: Retreat peacefully from Tenochtitlan? o Yes If you wanted to leave peacefully why did you take the Indians’ gold and stuff o We did not take the gold we exchanged it. While we were leaving we took gold. Like we exchanged the things we brought from Spain with their gold Toxcatl – did your men take their gold there too? o No What about Cholua? o No Prosecutor – “No further questions, Your Honor.” Judge – “Alright, Does defense wish to re-direct?” Defense – “Yes, Your Honor” Judge – “You may proceed.” Defense’s re-questioning: Charge 1 o Let address the issue with you not following the contract with Velasquez o Well in the contract it said you could whatever that was in the best interest of God and King o And the prosecution says that by following the King you disobeyed God o Well the time period of all this was the 1500s o Events in the Catholic Church were pretty much similar to what you were doing
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o Pope often send many people to fight in the name of Christianity and persecution of many people also occurred
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4th day of trial - TheFreeWorldvs.HernanCortes:Indictment...

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