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1-intro - EE 600 Design Methods Our Syllabus •...

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Unformatted text preview: EE 600 Design Methods Our Syllabus • Desire2Learn • I will place all materials here • It is your problem to read what I have placed here • I will try to remind you, however not reading what is here is not an acceptable excuse! Design Design “Engineering design is an integrative Engineering decision-making activity whereby scientific and technological information is used to produce a system, device, or process which is different in some degree from what the designer knows to have been done before and which is intended to meet human needs at an acceptable cost.” human Some Observations Some Design is iterative The design process is social There are no “right” answers in design Most design decisions are made “Because Most that is the way I saw it.” that The only really wrong decision in a design is The the one not made! the Most successful designs are incremental! Design Is Chaotic Design By its very nature there is much chaos The process of design is therefore that of bringing The order to the chaos! order Design may often involve invention Invention can and needs to be scheduled! In design there are four key factors Time Time Time Money Still, there is an overall structure to the process Key Elements In Any Design Key Define the problem Involves key specifications Costs/price targets Research existing solutions Starts from an understanding of need Evaluate the problem Analyze the true needs Revise/create realistic specifications Conduct feasibility study Synthesize Review literature, including patents and existing designs Develop alternatives Select key approaches and variations Analyze Mathematical modeling Simulation Physical models Optimization against requirements Document Construction Testing Improvements Problems Hierarchy in Design Hierarchy Often starts from system level Then proceeds to block level Is reduced to logic/software level May ultimately become transistor level Hierarchy in Design Hierarchy Sometimes performed by one engineer More often performed by a group May use project leader Larger projects may use project manager Designs are generally peer reviewed Often done on several levels Informal Meetings Customer review Manufacturing, quality, etc. ...
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