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Unformatted text preview: EE 600 EE Design MethodsEthics, The Game! Daily Dilbert Daily The Game The Engineering Ethics -- The Game Most Corporations Have Developed On-going Ethical Most Training For Engineers Training These Programs May Be Taught By These Faculty Faculty Internal Instructors Contractors The Courses Typically Utilize The AAES Code Which We The Looked At Last Time Looked Generally Employing Ethical Situations Engineers Generally Commonly Encounter Commonly These Are Typically Smaller Issues That May Be Less These Clear Clear GRAY MATTERS -- An Ethics Game -By Rockwell Inc. - Take Out A Blank Piece Of Paper And A Take Pencil Pencil - Read Each Of The Following Mini-Cases Read And Choose The Answer You Believe Is Most Ethical Per The AAES Code Most - After You Record Your Answer I Will After Show You Rockwell’s Ratings Show - Keep Track Of Your Score As We Go Keep Along Along The Unqualified Engineer After 3 months you discover that a recently hired engineer After who appears to be very competent at her job falsified her application in that she claimed to have a master’s degree and she did not. As the leader engineer in your section you: you: A) She’s performing well so you do nothing A) B) Discuss the matter with Personnel to determine company policy C) Recommend she be terminated for lying D) Weigh her performance, length of service, and potential benefit to the organization before making any recommendations the Scoring Scoring Score your answers as follows: -10 Pts. A. If she lied once, how long before -10 she lies again? she 10 Pts. B. You’re on your way to a solution 5 Pts. C. This what normally happens to liars 0 Pts. D. Although seemingly a commendable Pts. approach, it begs the question approach, The Untoward Invention While working for a company, you invent a new device, While unrelated to your job, that has a potential to make you wealthy. You have used the company’s lab and test facilities, but did the work on your own time. You should: A) Take it, together with a copy of your employment agreement, to a lawyer for determination of ownership rights B) See an attorney and file for patent rights C) Submit your invention to your company for consideration for an award D) Contact the companies who potentially have the most interest in your invention and sell it to the highest bidder it Scoring Scoring +10 Pts. A) Once you know this you can act +10 accordingly accordingly -10 Pts. B) This may violate your obligation to serve -10 your employer your +5 Pts. C) A positive step--although it may +5 invalidate your own rights invalidate -10 Pts. D) This may violate your obligation to serve -10 your employer your The Untimely Contract The You are the lead engineer on a new project bidding team. You Your price is very good on a contract you are bidding, but your engineering team thinks that it will take you several months longer to do the work than your competitors. You also know that your client needs the shortest schedule possible. You should: A) Project the shorter schedule that you think your customer needs B) Bid the same schedule as you believe that your competitors are offering in the belief that you can get your team to adjust their times later C) Focus on the advantages of your system and attempt to sneak your schedule by D) Explain your schedule, why you think it is appropriate, and the many advantages of your system Scoring Scoring -5 Pts. A) This is a lie and does a disservice to your -5 client client -10 Pts. B) This is even a bigger lie since you are -10 now lying to your team members as well as your client client +5 Pts. C) This is marginally acceptable since you +5 are not lying, however it would be much better to tell the whole truth tell +10 Pts. D) This is the correct approach since you +10 are telling the full facts are The Slacker For the past several months one of your team members For has been slacking off and you have been getting stuck doing his work. You think that this is unfair. You should: doing A) Recognize this as an opportunity to demonstrate how capable you really are B) Go to the lead engineer and complain about the problem C) Discuss the problem first with your team mate and attempt to solve it before taking it to your leader D) Discuss the problem with Personnel Personnel Scoring Scoring 0 Pts. A) Although this may solve the work load Pts. problem it does not serve your employer since he is paying for something he is not getting is +5 Pts. B) It brings the issue to the attention of a +5 person who can solve it -- unfortunately it leaves your team member uninformed your +10 Pts. C) This offers an opportunity to further your +10 team mates learning. Of course if it does not work you will need to do B you -5 Pts. D) This merely pushes the problem -5 elsewhere and solves nothing elsewhere The Copy Cat Another engineer is copying software and taking it Another home. You know that a program which your company is using costs $400 and have been saving to buy it yourself. You should: A) Copy it since it seems that your coworker has been doing it without penalty B) Tell your coworker that he can’t legally do this C) Report the matter to security D) Mention this to your supervisor Scoring Scoring -10 Pts. A) This makes you also guilty of theft 0 Pts. B) He probably knows this already +10 Pts. C) Theft is theft and security will deal +10 with it with +5 Pts. D) This may work--but theft is not +5 normally a supervisor’s job normally The Recalcitrant Friend One of your best friends recently lost her job. You are One generally aware that she has modest technical skills and held a first level engineering job at her previous employers. One day she calls you in excitement and asks you to give her a recommendation for a contract job as a “senior project engineer” at another company. She says that she believes she has the job “locked-up” if you will only vouch for her. You: A) Give her the benefit of any doubts and extol her virtues B) Give a candid evaluation of what you know about her C) Refer the call to her previous boss whom you also know D) Build her up to the sky Scoring Scoring -10 Pts. A) By omission you are being -10 dishonest dishonest 0 Pts. B) Since you are not very Pts. knowledgeable about her you are not really qualified to do this qualified +10 Pts. C) While this may make your friend +10 mad, it is the appropriate thing to do mad, -20 Pts. D) Not only are you lying, you may -20 also be endangering others in the process also The Harassed Employee The On the bus going home at night, the woman sitting next to On you mentions that she is being sexually harassed by one of her fellow employees. Although she does not work for you, you both work for the same company. You are a manager in the company. What do you do? in A. Listen politely but since she does not work for you, you A. stay out of it. stay B. Suggest she speak to her supervisor about it. C. Suggest she speak to either your company equal C. opportunity or ethics office. opportunity D. You contact your company equal opportunity or ethics D. office. office. The Harassed Employee The -10 A. She may not work for you but A. she does work for the company, therefore you should do more than nothing. you 10 B or C. This may get some action. 10 It is always better that she do it than that you do it. However it is your responsibility to see that an investigation is made! to 5 D. This at least gets the D. investigation started. The Untoward Relationship The You have reason to suspect that one of your co You workers is having a sexual relationship with the supervisor and is receiving preferential treatment as a result. What do you do? as A Assume that it is none of your business. Do Assume nothing nothing B. Discuss your concerns with your supervisor C. Discuss your concerns with your coworkers D. Send a letter to the ethics office. The Untoward Relationship The -10 A. As long as it has and impact on the A. company operations, it is your business. company 0 B. Since the supervisor may be B. involved, it is unlikely that he/she is willing to listen to you. to -5 C. Sharing the information with others C. does nothing to solve the problem and may in fact cause additional problems. cause 10 D. Of all the options presented here, this D. is the best in that it will get an investigation started. started. Tally Your Points To See How Well You Would Do There is a maximum of 80 Points Possible 60-80 Points Is Very Good 45-60 Points Says You Need Work Below 45 Points Indicate A Major Problem ...
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