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EE 600 FINAL PROJECT Project Planning/Proposal Writing R2D2 PROPOSAL In the project described below, you are to be the engineering project leader, of course. You are responsible for initially defining the project, including the scope and nature of any sub-projects and all tasks, and preparing both an initial conceptual design and a Gantt chart (or project timeline). In addition, you are to prepare a detailed project budget including engineering man-hours, purchased materials (you should look on line for some ideas), and technician hours. Be sure to tie your budget to the individual tasks. Your submission needs to include a detailed system diagram of what you envision building, sketches to illustrate the proposed solution, timelines and budgets, and references appropriate to your proposal. Your proposal should follow the outline: (Under these headings) Statement of the Problem Overview of Proposed Solution Task Descriptions Estimates Summary of Proposal References Project Definition: An autonomous robot system is to be designed, and a prototype built. The robot is to act as a visitor tour guide.
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