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EE 600 Assignment 5 Patent Searches Choose a sufficiently limited topic to enable carrying out a patent database search. You should make a list of at least 30 relevant patents in the same general subject area you have previously chosen for a literature search. You must copy and submit the abstract pages, list of claims and the first figure for each of these patents with a very brief comment on the relevance of each patent . You should cut these out and paste them into a Word
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Unformatted text preview: document. At the top of the first page of your document you will give a short statement defining the subject of your search. Overall your submission should follow the outline given below: Subject of Search: **** **** Patent 1: Relevance: ******* Abstract: ********* Claims : ******* Figure 1: ***** Patent 2: Etc. Please turn in your completed work no later than Thursday, October 14. Note: ***** denotes the insertion of the relevant information....
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