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Assignment3-Spec - Your spec should be relatively complete...

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EE 600 Design Methods By now you need to have chosen your “topic.” Remember that it is to be something electronic or mechanical in nature – preferably your MS topic, but if not, then something that you feel you have some comfort with. Remember that I would also advise that it is something that is relatively specific and limited in nature. Using this item your assignment is to: 1) Write a brief description of a “straw man” of an improved version of the device (if you have chosen multipliers; then a faster or lower power, or both, multiplier; etc.) 2) Attach to this a product specification that you have developed.
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Unformatted text preview: Your spec should be relatively complete – probably 5-7 pages or more in length. Remember that you are writing this spec from the customer’s viewpoint. It is therefore the top most specification in the spec tree. Remember also that you will need to include drawings where these are needed for clarity. Remember to observe the proper format and sign each page! You should write this and turn it (you will need to turn in a hard copy. Place it in my mailbox or hand it in during class) in no later than class time next Thursday....
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