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Annotating Study Guide: “Born to Be a Bully?” Number the paragraphs in this article. The title of this article is “Born to Be a Bully?” Next to the title, write down what you think the title means, paying particular attention to the use of the question mark. Who is Yvon Delville? Find the answer in the text and circle it. Paragraphs #1-3 make up the introduction. Label the introduction using a bracket and the abbreviation “intro.” Underline the thesis statement that appears in the introduction. In the left-hand margin, draw a bracket and write “thesis.” Locate and mark the following terms as you read the article: biochemistry , predisposition , elicited , neurotransmitters , and inhibit . Beside each term or at the end of the article, write a definition. Try to figure out their meanings through context clues before looking them up in the dictionary. Paragraphs #5-6 describe Delville’s experiment with 2 groups of adolescent male hamsters. In the left-hand margin next to par. #5, write “experimental group” and
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