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Annotating Study Guide: “Newly Bankrupt Raking in Piles of Credit Offers” Find the original source of this article and circle or hi-light it. The title and paragraphs #5 and #8 suggest the author’s thesis. In the margin beside par. #5, write one sentence in your own words that states Egan’s main point or thesis. This article identifies four reasons why the banking industry solicits the newly bankrupt under the new law. Locate the four reasons in the text and, in some way (circle, bracket, hi-light, underline) mark these and # them. The first three paragraphs on p.2 present the banking industry’s response to criticism about soliciting the newly bankrupt. In the margin to the right, summarize this response in your own words. Locate and mark the following terms as you read the article: continuous debt loop , solicit , expunge , curtailed , and diminished . Beside each term or at the end of the article, write a
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Unformatted text preview: definition. Try to figure out their meanings through context clues before looking them up in the dictionary. The last three paragraphs on p.2 describe important events which took place in October 2005. In the margin to the right, note what the events were and mark any significant numbers and statistics. On pages 2 and 3, critics’ views of the new law and the banking industry are given. Who are these critics? List the critics in the right-hand margin next to where they are discussed in the text. Locate and mark at least four reasons why critics oppose the new law as well as the banking industry. Note/mark the places in the article where the author references Laura Fogle. Locate and mark at least seven examples (including statistics and quotes) which support or provide evidence of critics’ views of the new bankruptcy law and the banking industry....
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