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Study Guide: “Tattoo You?” Number the paragraphs in this article. Find the original source of this article and circle or hi-light it. Label the introduction using a bracket and the abbreviation “intro.” Underline the thesis statement that appears in the introduction. Paragraphs 2-6 are concerned with reasons why people get tattoos, background information, and risks of tattooing. Label each paragraph appropriately with one of these words: reasons, background, risks. At the bottom of the page list the three
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Unformatted text preview: kinds or types of physical risks associated with tattoos. Mark the questions RN’s should ask patients using a bracket and the words “RN’s should ask” or “RN questions.” Label the paragraph on emotional risks accordingly. In the right hand margin, list the things someone should look for in a tattoo parlor he or she wants to use. Also in the right hand margin, list the problems with laser surgery tattoo removal....
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