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Annotating Tattoos in Ancient Egypt

Annotating Tattoos in Ancient Egypt - Draw a bracket to...

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Annotating Study Guide: “Tattoos in Ancient Egypt” Number the paragraphs in this article. Locate and mark the following terms as you read the article: ephemeral art , intimations , lozenge , non-representational , ornamental scarring , fertility-promoting , credence , bias , and disreputable . Beside each term or at the end of the article, write a definition. Try to figure out their meanings through context clues before looking them up in the dictionary. In paragraph #1, two contrasting points are being made about attitudes towards tattoos in Western industrialized culture. Underline point #1, and in the left-hand margin, rewrite the point in your own words. Then, underline point #2, and in the left-hand margin, rewrite in your own words. Next to paragraph #2, summarize the main idea in your own words. Circle any key words or phrases in paragraph #3 which would indicate the main idea being presented. Paragraphs #4 and 5 explain evidence of tattoos on mummies.
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Unformatted text preview: Draw a bracket to mark the section in paragraph #5 which explains the significance of these tattoos. Then, circle any key words and phrases which clarify the point being made. Rewrite the main point in your own words. Paragraphs #6-9 discuss the importance of the Egyptian god, Bes, as a tattoo image. Underline the first main point presented in paragraph #6 and write the number “1” next to it. Do the same for paragraphs #7-9, numbering consecutively 2, 3, 4, etc. Two conclusions are provided in paragraph #10 as to the significance of tattoos on ancient Egyptian women. In the space to the right of the paragraph, write “Western view,” underline it, and list or summarize beneath it what this view is. Next, write “Writer’s view,” underline it, and list or summarize the view held by the writer of this article....
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