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“The Working Poor as Prey”—Annotating the Text What function does paragraph 1 serve in this editorial? In the margin to the left of par.#1 label it accordingly. The title, the sentence below the title, and paragraph #2 together suggest the author’s thesis. In the margin beside par. #2, write one sentence that states Harrop’s thesis. In this editorial, there are four examples of the ruthless business practice Harrop is concerned about. Three paragraphs are used to describe the first example. The other three each appear in a single paragraph. Find the four examples. In some way (circle, bracket, hi-light, underline) mark these examples and number them—Ex 1, Ex 2, and so on.
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Unformatted text preview: Paragraph #9, which begins “Milking America’s poor…”, explains an important idea. In the margin to the right of it, summarize that paragraph in one sentence. Finally, in the right hand margin or at the bottom of the page, list three important terms found in this editorial: prey, opportunity pricing, Automatic Risk Evaluater . Beside each word write its definition. You may be able to define “prey” yourself, or you may choose to look it up in the dictionary. The other two terms are explained in the text, so use that information to write your definition....
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