Dog exper - New Research reveals dogs problem-solving...

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“New Research reveals dogs’ problem-solving capabilities” by Rob Stein from The Philadelphia Inquirer , June 11, 2007 Dog owners have long maintained that their pooches have a lot more going on between their furry ears than scientists acknowledge. Now, new research is adding to the growing evidence that man’s best friend thinks a lot more than many humans have believed. The provocative new experiment indicated dogs can do something that previously only humans, including infants, have been shown capable of doing: deciding how to imitate a behavior based on the specific evidence circumstances in which the action takes place. “The fact that the dogs imitate selectively, depending on the situation—that has not been shown before,” said Friederike Range of the University of Vienna. The findings come amid a flurry of research that is revealing surprisingly complex abilities among dogs, chimps, birds and other animals long dismissed as having little intellectual or emotional life. “Every day, we’re discovering surprises about animals and finding out animals
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Dog exper - New Research reveals dogs problem-solving...

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