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Activity Sheet: “New research reveals dogs’ problem-solving capabilities” by Rob Stein, from The Philadelphia Inquirer , June 11, 2007 On a separate sheet of paper answer the following questions. Read Paragraphs 1-5: Which of these paragraphs conveys general information and which refer specifically to the experiment described? State the conclusions scientists reached as a result of this experiment. Why would the author of this article place the conclusions of the experiment at the
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Unformatted text preview: beginning of the article? Paragraph 7 begins a description of the experimental procedure used with the dogs and the results obtained. In your own words, describe how the experiment was conducted; then, describe the results. Who conducted this experiment? How do you know? Who is Zsofia Viranyi? Who is Brian Hare? Who is Marc Bekoff? In what publication was the scientists’ paper published? When?...
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