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English 098—CAP B Learning Lab Reading Workshops Objective: Learn and practice a systematic approach to reading for study purposes Skills : Previewing—identifying author, source, purpose, audience, generating questions Annotating-discriminating between main ideas and support, identifying definitions, examples, steps in a process, etc. and creating marginal notes Outlining Paraphrasing Summarizing Students will practice reading nonfiction from a variety of sources clustered around
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Unformatted text preview: themes. Tattoos/Body Adornment Article, nursing journal Excerpt from nursing text Essays—history, sociology, psychology Bullying Newspaper article Textbook excerpt Internet article from university website Brain Excerpt from biology text News magazine articles (2) Credit/Bankruptcy Excerpt from management textbook Newspaper articles (2) Internet article from professional website Scientific Method (Descriptions of experiments) Newspaper articles (2)...
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