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LEARNING LAB DEPARTMENT LAB CLASS SYLLABUS FOR ENGLISH 098/099 Lab Teacher _____________________ Office ___________________ Phone __________________________ E-mail ___________________ Lab Class Meets: Day(s) _________________ Classroom _____________ Time _____________ Purpose of Lab Class : The purpose of the Learning Lab class is to give you supplemental instruction so you will be able to practice and learn a systematic approach to reading for study purposes. The Lab Teacher(s) Will: 1. Provide reading materials from journals, textbooks, newspapers, and other sources. 2. Teach an orderly and efficient approach to reading. 3. Evaluate and record individual progress. 4. Attempt to have each student participate in each Lab class. 5. Send attendance each week to your English teacher. The Student Will Be Expected To: 1. Participate fully in the class activities. 2. Maintain a portfolio of reading activities, which will be kept by the Lab teacher. 3.
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