abbrev - Use "1!" to indicate...

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Note Taking Abbreviations Common Abbreviations p.orpg. page # or no. number b/c because b/4 before wd. word wi with w/o without ego or ex. example re: reason etc. in addition vs. versus inc. Increase dec. decrease > more than < less than = equal does not equal + positive - negative percent leads to therefore Use an apostrophe gov't am't confd educat" I government amount continued educational Write onlv consonants and omit vowels chldrn children Iv leave frdm freedom rd read mtg meeting bkgrd background
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Unformatted text preview: Use &quot;1!&quot; to indicate &quot;ing&quot; writg writing meetg meeting answerg answenng . &quot; Use onlv the beginning of a word ref. reference diff. difference, different def. definition compo compare ex. example imp. important chern. chemistry psych. psychology Use initials US CNS A&amp;P United States central nervous system Anatomy and Physiology :. . . '_'&quot; - ,,' , '._' ,- ;. ..... ,. '- 'r- &quot;&quot; .'.' &quot;';:&quot;'&quot; .;. ,-,'c,: '-_ ,_ ,_'l' &quot;, . . , -._' &quot; .. \. u_uu...
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abbrev - Use &amp;amp;quot;1!&amp;amp;quot; to indicate...

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