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Accommodation also is a term used in the learning disability field, and it is a legally codified part of the disabilities legislation. Thurlow, House, Boys, Scott, and Ysseldyke (2000) list the specific types of accommodations outlined in the law. Accomodation allowed under law often takes 4 forms. The four classes of accommodations were: presentation format, which were changes in how tests were presented and included accommodations like providing Braille versions of the tests or orally reading the directions to students; response format, which were changes in the manner in which students gave their responses and included accommodations such as having a student point to a response or use a computer for responding; setting of the test, which could be at home, or in small groups; and finally, timing of the test, which could include extending the time allowed, or providing more breaks during testing. It might be possible that subtle manifestations of these adjustments may be made in community college
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