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Activities in Preparing for and Taking Essay Exams

Activities in Preparing for and Taking Essay Exams - b Note...

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Activities in Preparing for and Taking Essay Exams Evaluate your present skills in preparing for and taking essay tests. Put a check mark beside each of the following steps that you already practice. The put a check mark beside those steps that you plan to practice. Leave a space blank if you do not plan to follow a particular point. Do Now Plan to Do 1, List ten or so probable questions. __________ ___________ 2. Prepare a good outline answer for each question and memorize the outline. __________ ___________ 3. Look at the exam carefully and : a. Read all the questions
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Unformatted text preview: __________ ___________ b. Note direction words __________ ___________ c. Start with the easiest items __________ ___________ 4. Outline answer before writing. __________ ___________ 5. Write a well-organized answer by a. Having a main idea sentence. __________ ___________ b. Using connecting signal words __________ ___________ c. Writing complete sentences __________ ___________ d. Proofreading paper for Omitted words __________ ___________ Misspellings __________ ___________ Unclear phrasing __________ ___________ Correct punctuation __________ ___________...
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