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Five Minutes to Teach Study Skills in Class Assessing Internet Sources for Research Papers Objective: students determine the credibility of internet sources (the focus of this activity will be on authorship, publisher/publishing body, and currency). Procedure: Prepare 2 handouts: one which is an example of a credible internet source and the other of an internet source which you would consider unsuitable. You may also want to have a handout which identifies the criteria for assessing internet sources: authorship, publisher/publishing body, currency, perspectives, coverage, and accuracy/verifiability. Briefly explain to students the importance of assessing internet sources; if you have a handout prepared which outlines the criteria for assessing sources, pass it out and
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Unformatted text preview: refer students to the list of criteria and the various questions they should be asking about the sites. Pass out handouts of sample website and direct students to skim over them. Ask them to locate and circle the following if they can: -the author -the authors credentials/professional title-the organization sponsoring the site -the organizations official insignia-contact information for the author or sponsoring organization -the date the website was created and/or revised -information on how often the website is updated -a copyright date -a bibliography When students are finished, briefly discuss their findings. Ask them which source is more credible and to explain why....
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