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Beginning of Fall Semester announcement to faculty

Beginning of Fall Semester announcement to faculty - if you...

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The Master Student Workshops are a series of study skills workshops offered every spring and fall semester. Topics covered include how to talk to professors, time management, textbook reading strategies, test taking, note taking, memory strategies, logical fallacies, learning styles, and finals preparation. The workshops begin the week of 15 September 2008. Once again we are distributing the Master Student Workshop bookmarks. Please contact Jay Howard at extension 8929 or e-mail at [email protected]
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Unformatted text preview: if you would like copies mailed to you (please indicate the number of bookmarks needed and your department). To view the schedule online go to: http://faculty.ccp.edu/dept/learn_lab/Mas_Stud_Sched.pdf Many faculty require students to attend these workshops for extra credit. We are happy to provide students with verification of attendance. All workshops are free and no registration is required. Instructors for the workshops are Learning Lab faculty: Jay Howard (8929), Michelle Myers (8564)....
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