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CHECKLIST FOR TEST PREPARATION AND TEST TAKING For each of the following, check the appropriate answer. Yes No Prior to the exam _______ _______ I review all notes, reading, homework assignments, etc. _______ _______ I make up a practice test from my books and notes and quizes. _______ _______ I answer the practice quiz without looking at my notes. _______ _______ I refine my answers to the quiz questions. _______ _______ I use PQ3R or some other study method for reading assignments. _______ _______ I take short breaks between study sessions. _______ _______ I follow a weekly study schedule. _______ _______ I get plenty of sleep the night before an exam. Yes No During the exam _______ _______ I get to the exam room early.
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Unformatted text preview: _______ _______ I wear a watch. _______ _______ I read the instructions and questions carefully before I begin. _______ _______ I ask the instructor to clarify questions I do not understand. _______ _______ I determine how I will schedule my time before I begin. _______ _______ I leave myself time at the end to review my answers. _______ _______ I outline answers to essay questions before I begin to write. _______ _______ I make sure that my essays have introduction, conclusion. _______ _______ I try to write legibly. _______ _______ I am careful about spelling, grammar, and punctuation. _______ _______ I use all of the time provided....
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