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cold reading - Cold Reading Profilers are credited with...

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Cold Reading Profilers are credited with being able to describe criminals in order to lead law enforcement to the suspects, but often might not supply as much information as supposed. Their predictions might be a type of “cold reading” which is the use of general or vague statements intended to impress but mislead rather than inform. A profiler might describe a criminal as a person who grew up with a strong father- figure around, an uncle, a cousin, a neighbor 1 . As a young man, he was associated with the military 2 . His IQ will be over 100 3 . Has a problem with a friend or family member 3 . He won’t have a steady girl-friend, but will be comfortable around women 4 . He will not be unforgettable if met at a party 5 . Some cold reading techniques include: 1 . Shotgunning . Just who is the father-figure? 2. Jacques statement . Shakespeare in As You Like It wrote about the seven stages of man, matching physical and psychological traits. Some young men are in the military, or they may be interested in things military, such as games or movies.
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