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Common Logical Fallacies - as the other Begging the...

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Common Logical Fallacies Bandwagon : An argument that something is right if a lot of people are doing it. Everyone else is cheating, so why shouldn’t you? False dilemma : Stating only two alternatives when more exist. We have to build more nuclear power plants or be dependent on foreign oil. False authority : An expert in one field is an expert in another. Vitamin C helps heal colds, as a famous astronomer has shown. Slippery slope : If one thing is allowed, other worse things will happen. Handgun control will lead to a police state. Guilt by association : One person or thing is responsible for others. All members of City Council must be crooks because Mariano was convicted of fraud. False cause : If one event follows another, then the first was the cause of the second. The new tax assessor took office in January and since then crime has increased. False analogy : Because two things are alike in some way, they must be alike in other ways. Two books are the same length and cover the same material, so one is probably as good
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Unformatted text preview: as the other. Begging the question : A statement that assumes what needs to proved. We should fire the crooks on City Council. Application: Identify which logical fallacy is used in each statement below. 1. You should vote for Jonathan because everyone else is. 2. This car must be reliable; its the kind my dentist drives. 3. If we censor pornography, we will ultimately lose freedom of speech. 4. If women dressed more conservatively, they wouldnt get raped. 5. I know that store is badly managed. One of the salespeople there was rude to me once 6. You cant trust a guy like that; his brother was found guilty of tax evasion. 7. We should fire the thieves on the police department. 8. We must either build more prisons or crowd more prisoners into existing cells. Adapted from Hodges, J.; Horner, W.; Webb, S.; & Miller, R. Harbrace College Handbook , 13 th edition. Philadelphia: Harcourt Brace, 1998. pp. 409-413....
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