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Cornellsystem - Note if you should think about this more...

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The Cornell Note Taking System RECALL COLUMN NOTES 2 1/2" 6 " +--------------- Reduce ideas and facts to concise jottings and summaries as cues for Reciting, Reviewing, and Reflecting. On the RIGHT, write your class notes, using the good practices you have learned in the workshop. Date your notes Use abbreviations Try to keep the main idea of the lecture in mind Write down whatever is put on the blackboard Record the instructor’s questions But use the LEFT for YOUR OWN reactions, responses, reflections, and use the space to reduce, recite and review. This can be done during the class. Reactions – Note on the left if something from the lecture is interesting or unique information. Would you want to share it? Responses – Note on the left if something is confusing or unclear. Should you go over this with the instructor during an office hour or with a tutor? Reflections
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Unformatted text preview: Note if you should think about this more. Should you read more, or do some exercises or problems related to the topic. After class, you can use the left side for these activities. Reduce Try to re-write some of the notes in a simpler, shorter statement. Can you find the essential core of, or summarize in a sentence or two, this lecture? Recite Try to write some of the notes in your own words. Can you, without looking at the right side of the page, state in your own words what the instructor said? Review Try to go over the notes just after the lecture, and just before the next lecture. Use and ! to identify important parts of the lecture. Can you spell the names and terms which were on the board? Draw a vertical line down your notebook page, separating it into two columns, a small one on the left and a w i d e column on the right...
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