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BECOME A MASTER STUDENT Daily Study Tips Dedicate some time each day to each course. Review and edit notes on a daily basis. If needed, recopy notes to improve organization and clarify meaning. Review all previous notes on a regular basis, daily if possible. Frequent review reduces study time, improves understanding and improves grades. .. If you use index cards, make up the cards when you do frequent reviews. Do not wait until just before the test to make up the cards. Advantages of index cards include: easy to carry with you (even in your pocket), so you review when you have free time (between classes, waiting for the bus, waiting for an appointment, etc.) can be sorted into categories or sorted into “know” and “need to review” can be shuffled and reviewed in random order.
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Unformatted text preview: As you review your notes on a daily basis, you should develop possible test questions with answers. These questions can serve as a study guide when preparing for tests. Develop questions to ask the instructor based on readings, notes or class discussions. If learning terms or vocabulary is a course requirement, learn a few words each day. Always review terms learned on the previous days before adding new terms. Break reading assignments into manageable parts. For example, if you have to read 30 pages in 3 days, read 10 pages a day. COME TO THE MASTER STUDENT WORKSHOPS. WORKSHOPS BEGIN THE WEEK OF JANUARY 28 TH . Visit any of the Learning Labs (B1-28, B2-36, and W3-26) for the schedule. Or visit the Learning Lab webpage on MYCCP....
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