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Evaluation of Test Taking Skills Evaluate your current methods of preparing for and taking tests. Put a check beside each item that you currently do or any item that you plan to do in the future. What to Study DO NOW PLAN TO DO 1. Key terms, definitions, and examples __________ __________ 2. Enumerations (lists of items) __________ __________ 3. Points emphasized in class __________ __________ 4. Reviews and study guides __________ __________ 5. Questions from past quizzes and textbook chapters __________ __________ General Tips before an Exam 1. Study right before sleep __________ __________ 2. Take materials needed to exam __________ __________ 3. Be on time for the exam __________ __________ 4. Sit in a quiet spot __________ __________ 5. Read all directions carefully __________ __________ 6. Budget your time __________ __________ Getting Ready for Objective Exams 1. Ask instructor about makeup of test __________ __________ 2. Look at similar tests __________ __________ 3. Review carefully all main points __________ __________ 4. Make up practice test items __________ __________ Taking Objective Exams 1. Answer the easy questions first __________ __________ 2. Do difficult questions in the time remaining __________ __________ 3. Answer all questions __________ __________ 4. Ask instructor to explain unclear items __________ __________ 5. Think of instructor's point of view with difficult questions __________ __________ 6. Mark key words in difficult questions __________ __________ 7. State difficult questions in own words __________ __________ 8. Use specific hints given in questions __________ __________ 9. Use the process of elimination __________ __________ 10. Use all time given __________ __________ 1
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Ways to Predict Test Questions Predicting test questions can do more than get you a better grade on a test. It can keep YOU focused on the purpose of a course and can help you design your learning strategy. It can be fun, too. First, get organized. Have a separate section in your notebook labeled "Test Questions.” Add several questions to this section after every lecture and assignment. You also can create your own code or graphic signal-such as a T! in a circle-to flag possible test questions in your notes. The format of a test can help you predict questions. Ask your instructor to describe the test-how long it will be and what kind of questions to expect (essay, multiple choice). Do this early in the term so you can be alert for possible test questions throughout the course. During lectures you can watch for test questions by observing what an instructor says and how he says it. Instructors give clues. For example, they might repeat important points several times, write them on the board, or return to them in subsequent classes. Instructors might use certain gestures when making critica1 points. They might pause,
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dayonematerials - Evaluation of Test Taking Skills Evaluate...

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