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Assessment of Note Taking Circle the numbers that describe your note taking approach Prior to the lecture: 1. I read assignments and review notes before class. 2. I come to class with the necessary tools for taking notes. 3. I sit near the front of the classroom. 4. My notes are organized by subjects in my notebook(s). 5. I have a definite note taking strategy such as the Cornell Method. 6. I adapt my note taking for different classes. During the lecture: 1. I date each day’s notes. 2. I use only one side of the page (when appropriate). 3. I put notes in my own words. 4. I use abbreviations. 5. My handwriting is legible so I can study my notes at a later date. 6. I can identify the main ideas in a lecture. 7. I can identify details and examples for the main ideas. 8. I indent examples and details under main ideas to show their relationship. 9. I leave enough space to resolve confusing ideas in the lecture. 10. I ask questions to clarify confusing points in the lecture. 11. I record the questions my classmates ask the instructor. 12. I am aware of instructor signals for important information. 13. I can tell the difference between lecture and non-related anecdotes. 14. I take notes until the instructor dismisses the class. After the lecture: 1. My notes represent the entire lecture. 2. I review my notes immediately after class to make sure that they contain all the important points of the lecture and are legible. 3. I underline important words and phrases in my notes. 4. I identify key ideas and potential questions from my notes and put them in a recall column. 5. I summarize the concepts and principles from each lecture in paragraph form. 6. I review information in the recall column weekly.
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daytwomaterial - Assessment of Note Taking Circle the...

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