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LEARNING LAB DEPARTMENT MEETING November 21, 2008 10:10 AM B1-28G MINUTES In Attendance: Paul Bonila, Gail Chaskes, Anne Francis, Jay Howard, Lilla Hudoba, Gary Mitchell, Michelle Myers, John Nace, Xiaonong Peng, John Pinto, Jennifer Schnabel, Anna Seixas, Mary Yannuzzi. 1. Minutes of 10/13/08 distributed. Correction of spelling of first names of Myers, Peng, and Seixas. In #8, Jay Howard’s name should be added as a member of the committee. In #4, Dean Thompson’s name should be spelled as “Thompson.” Minutes approved with changes. 2. Announcements Intersession and vacation requests should be submitted to John Pinto by full-time faculty as soon as possible. Spring, 2009, semester begins Jan. 20. John Pinto distributed a new vacation request form provided by Dean Cooper. He explained how to identify intersession days as opposed to vacation days. Dean Cooper would like intersession and vacation requests in soon (about a week before the day(s) requested). 3. Updates 097 workshops: five-week workshops. Students who did not pass went on to the third-week follow-up workshops, which are ongoing. The number of students who passed will be forthcoming (approximately 40%
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