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Learning Lab Department Meeting Minutes December 17, 2004 Room B1-28G 10:00 A.M. In attendance: Paul Bonila , Gail Chaskes, Jay Howard, Michele Kelly, Gary Mitchell, Joan Monroe, Judy Reitzes, Mary Yannuzzi, John Pinto (Chair) Minutes of November 18, 2004 were accepted without change. Lab Evaluation Procedures: John Pinto submitted the procedures that were approved at the last meeting to Sam Hirsch. Dean Hirsch forwarded them to the Vice-President of Academic Affairs. Restructure Update: John Pinto met with the Dean to discuss the recommendations of the joint committee. Upon careful analysis, he thought the work of the committee to be significant. For Spring semester, two Lab instructors will be placed in Level A and B day Lab classes, unless the classroom teacher has a history of being non-collaborative. Even then, if the dynamic and the size of the Lab class warrant it, two instructors will be placed in those particular Lab classes. John commented that we are not making cuts this semester. The joint committee met with Tom Ott, and some of the recommendations are being put on hold until the summer. Spring semester will be used to finalize and smooth out any “rough edges.” Joan and the Department as a whole thanked the entire Joint Committee for all of their hard work. Special mention was given to Carol Kreichet, Barry George, Anne Francis, Judy Reitzes and Mary Yannuzzi. Selection Committee Update: Michele Kelly handed in the department’s selection to our Dean. We have gotten no response as of this date. We are assuming, however, that John will continue on as chairperson of our department.
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Dept Mtg Minutes, 17 Dec 04 - Learning Lab Department...

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