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Dept Mtg Minutes, 23 Mar 04 - Learning Lab Department...

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Learning Lab Department Meeting Tuesday, March 23, 2004 1:30 P.M. B1-28F Minutes In Attendance: Eileen Abrams, Elizabeth Cuidet, Merle Fineman, Anne Francis, Ellen Furstenberg, Jane LaMotte, Gary Mitchell, Joan Monroe, John Pinto, Judy Reitzes, Judith Rossman, Margaret Stephens, Mary Yannuzzi 1. As there was not a quorum present when the meeting began, minutes from 2/19/04 were not approved. 2. Tutor Committee Report- Merle will send out questionnaires to tutors regarding availability for summer and fall work. 3. Budget- John Pinto reported that the administration is predicting a 9 million dollar deficit for the coming year. While there is no guarantee that workshops will continue, the Lab has not been asked to cut services. 4. College Service Hours- Reports for the academic year 2003-2004 are due by the last department meeting of this semester. 5. Part-time Faculty Observations- Volunteers are still needed to do observations- sign up sheet is on John’s office door. 6.
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