Dept Mtg Minutes, 30 Aug 05 - Minutes Learning Lab...

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Minutes Learning Lab Department Meeting August 30, 2005 9 a.m. Attendance: P. Bonila, G. Chaskes, A. Francis, J. Howard, L. Hudoba, M. Kelly, J. LaMotte, G. Mitchell, O. Mitchell, J. Monroe, J. Nace, J. Pinto, J. Reitzes, J. Rossman, M. Stephens, M. Yannuzzi 1) The minutes of the 29 April 2005 department meeting were approved. 2) Committees J. Pinto discussed the need to reconstitute the Tutor and Rules Committees. Tutor : Pinto would like at least one representative from each of the labs. There is a recognized need to do more with regard to tutor training. The committee will be involved primarily with design of the training program. Rules : The department rules have been developed piecemeal. We need a better organized and more workable set or rules. 3) Budget J. Pinto reported that Lab expenditures were considerably over budget through Summer I, the end of the 04-05 fiscal year. He listed several factors contributing to increased costs and has shared this information with Sam Hirsch: 1. cost of sabbatical leaves and part time faculty to replace those on leave 2. year-to-year contract changes 3. extension of lab hours 4. expanded service to regional centers 5. writing center 6. increased need for and use of non-CCP student tutors, particularly in subject areas for which student tutors have been difficult to find The non-CCP student tutor and receptionist line items were 61% and 7% over budget, respectively. The Lab will take several measures to try to reduce costs to our budget this year, including: 1) seek and place work-study students as tutors and receptionists as much as possible 2) find out if existing student workers are work-study eligible 3) ask Lab secretaries to streamline receptionists’ schedules Impact of decline in enrollments:
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J. Pinto reported that the cuts in classes have affected Developmental English, ESL and
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Dept Mtg Minutes, 30 Aug 05 - Minutes Learning Lab...

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