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Minutes of the Learning Lab Dept. Meeting (4-25-08: 10A) Present: P. Bonila, G. Chaskes, A. Francis, J. Howard, L. Hudoba, G. Mitchell, O. Mitchell, J. Monroe, M. Myers, J. Nace, X. Peng, J. Pinto (C), J. Reitzes, A. Seixas, M. Yannuzzi. 1. The minutes of the LL Dept. meetings of 2-19-08 & 3-13-08 were accepted. 2. J. Pinto announced that Dr. Gay was unable to attend our meting because of a scheduling conflict and because she was scheduled to meet with SACC faculty. The change is not a “done deal”; it has to go through faculty governance structures in place, then through the IWC and on to the President. Some faculty members in Academic Computing might be designated administrators. Cannot say when the change would be effective. OM commented that we need an opportunity to discuss this among ourselves. JP responded that Associate VP Sharon Thompson asked him about the change several weeks ago; it wasn’t presented as a choice. JP told ST that for the change to work, the LL Chair would need administrative assistance, along lines of the English Dept setup. The LL faculty and the eight instructional aides from SACC would notice no difference; the LL Dept. Chair would be responsible for SACC faculty schedules, which do not necessarily change semester-to-semester. LL Dept. Chair would a kind of a super-monitor. Down the line may be a merging of student services: tutoring + computers? JP has talked to individual colleagues in the LL re the possible change. A. DiBlasi would be responsible for computer classrooms, soft/hardware, etc. OM said that if the LL took on assorted services, it would become like the
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This note was uploaded on 09/13/2011 for the course LEARNING L 110 taught by Professor Afrancis during the Spring '11 term at Community College of Philadelphia.

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Dept_Mtg_Minutes_Apr08 - Minutes of the Learning Lab Dept...

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