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Minutes of Learning Lab Department Meeting August 27, 2008 Attendance: Paul Bonila, Gail Chaskes, Jay Howard, Gary Mitchell, Olympia Mitchell, John Nace, Xiarong Peng, John Pinto, Judy Reitzes, and Mary Ann Yannuzzi Meeting began at 10:05 a.m. Introductions: John Pinto introduced our new dean, and we introduced ourselves to Ms. Lisa Cooper. Her extension is x8384; however, she prefers e-mail at . Her office is located in the Library - Room L109C. The question was raised about a separate developmental education unit versus an integrated system such as we have here. Ms. Cooper has worked under both systems. Since she just arrived at Community College of Philadelphia, it is too soon to comment on this topic in terms of our college. There was some discussion of A-level. Mary Ann Yannuzzi asked if a memo would be coming out with a full explanation. Pinto said that there will be a Task Force for further discussion of A-level. John Pinto and Lisa Cooper explained that there will be no A-level classes this coming Spring semester. Workshops will be offered instead. There will be a set curriculum, although there will be some flexibility regarding the teaching of the curriculum. Students who take the workshop and still don’t pass can take a 3-week repeater course or get directed to ABE. Department members requested another meeting to learn more details about the A-level proposal. Minute takers for future meetings : Gail Chaskes Judy Reitzes John Nace Jay Howard Gary Mitchell Michelle Myers Minutes of 4/25/08 meeting : A motion was made to accept the minutes with corrections due to “typos”. The motion was approved, based on Paul Bonila correcting any “typos”. Perkins Grant: John Pinto explained that five members of our department have 50% of their salaries covered by this Grant. They are Paul Bonila, Gail Chaskes, Anne Francis, Lilla Hudoba and Joan Monroe. A problem arises since Paul, Anne and Joan spend most of their time with developmental students; yet, according to the grant, 50% of the faculty member’s
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time is to be spent with students in career programs. Gail and Lilla do see some career
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Dept_Mtg_Minutes_Aug08 - Minutes of Learning Lab Department...

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