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Learning Lab Department Meeting December 12, 2006 Room BI-28G 10:00 AM In Attendance: Paul Bonila, Gail Chaskes, Anne Francis, Jay Howard, Lilla Hudoba, Michele Kelly, Gary Mitchell, Joan Monroe, Michele Myers, John Nace, John Pinto, Judith Reitzes, Judith Rossman, Mary Yannuzzi 1. Minutes from November 13,2006, were approved with the following changes noted: Item #6 should read three Math classes, not four. Also, the committee named is CEMEC, not the pilot program. 2. Tutor Committee: Paul Bonila announced tutor applicants have been submitting applications and that returning tutors will start work on January 22, 2007, while new tutors will start work on January 29, 2007. 3. Budget: John Pinto reported that, for Spring, 2007, the budget is "in good shape." He also pointed out that more part-time hours will be scheduled in Spring, 2007, to make up for time allotted for an acting department head (Yannuzzi) and a sabbatical (Nace). 4. ESL Updates: Judy Reitzes reported that the English Department conducted a survey of ESL faculty on Lab services. She will email the text of the report to Learning Lab faculty. Concern was raised about the small number of faculty who answered the survey (about seven) and how information from this survey would be, consequently, not representative of faculty views. Judy will let Acting Dean Sharon Thompson know that, for these reasons, the survey should not be attached to the audit. 5. Faculty Evaluations, Full-time and Part-time: John Pinto thanked all who evaluated faculty this semester. The Department should know that tutoring itself can be evaluated, too, not only Lab class teaching. There are still a few evaluations needing to be done.
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Dept_Mtg_Minutes_Dec06 - Learning Lab Department Meeting...

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