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Learning Lab Department Minutes February 22, 2007 In attendance: Paul Bonila, Gail Chaskes, Ann Francis, Jay Howard, Lilla Hudoba, Gary Mitchell, Olympia Mitchell, Joan Monroe, Michelle Myers, Xiaorong Peng, Judy Reitzes, Judith Rossman The minutes of January 2007 were approved 1. Maryann introduced and welcomed Ms. Xiaorong Peng. She is the new VL Science Specialist in the Lab. 2. To provide information for the Academic Master Plan, the department was asked to come up with areas that can be researched and related to our department. We were asked to form research questions to address this task. It was stated that the Deans have a right to review these question to see what Institutional Research can do to assist us. 3. The Dev Ed English Department survey questions can be found on the academic web site. There is a one year grant to collect data for Achieving the Dream. At the end of the year, proposals will be drafted to show how students may perform better and to make systematic changes. The Lab Research Questions are being
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