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Learning Lab Department Meeting February 19, 2009 10-11am B1-28G Minutes Present: John Pinto, Jay Howard, Xiaorong Peng, Anna Seixas, Judy Reitzes, Anne Francis, Betsy Self Elijah, Paul Bonila, Gary Mitchell, Gail Chaskes, Olympia Mitchell, Mary Ann Yannuzzi (Chair) Approval of January 14, 2009 Minutes: The minutes were approved with a correction to the spelling of Mary Ann’s name in the first paragraph under Budget Report and Michele Kelly’s last name in the second paragraph under Budget Report. A correction was also made to last department meeting date for the spring semester: from May 5 th to May 1 st . Meeting with Dean Cooper: Mary Ann reported that she met with Dean Cooper on Tuesday, 2/17. In response to the audit recommendation, Dean Cooper expressed that she does not want to use a commercial online tutoring service and wants the LLab to provide these services in-house, especially since it is a service that we currently identify on our website. Jay pointed out that an online Master Student Workshop is offered—the Test Taking Wksp—for which students can receive credit and can do the materials online. Lilla is also working with 2 sections in the Math LLab. Mary Ann said that the union met on Tuesday afternoon, and the issue of outsourcing was on the agenda. Judy stated that she attended the union meeting where the issue was raised about outsourcing. She reported that a motion passed that the union will not support any outsourcing of services, including support services in the LLab, or any cutting of current services to accommodate the online tutoring. Concern was continuously expressed about the LLab budget and the possibility of cutting/reducing current services in order to provide online tutoring. Most faculty in attendance concurred that further discussion about the need and feasibility for online
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This note was uploaded on 09/13/2011 for the course LEARNING L 110 taught by Professor Afrancis during the Spring '11 term at Community College of Philadelphia.

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Dept_Mtg_Minutes_Feb09 - Learning Lab Department Meeting...

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