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Learning Lab Dept. Meeting: 10-11-06 @ 11:15A in B1-28E Present: P. Bonila, G. Chaskes, J. Howard, L. Hudoba, G. Mitchell, J. Monroe, M. Myers, J. Pinto (C), J. Rossman & M. Yannuzzi. 1. Tutor Comm: P. Bonila reported that we were fairly well-staffed in all areas except science (in the evenings) and in the Writing Center (on Saturdays). He projected that we would have spent approximately $75k by Dec 11, 2006, excluding amounts for the NERC, and for receptionists on the main campus (both amounts for this term). 2. J. Monroe asked how the “new” (paper-based) appointment system for drop-in tutoring was working: J. Pinto replied that it was working fairly well. 3. Budget: J. Pinto reported that we would be over budget on the PT faculty line, especially in Spring 2007 as two FT faculty members would be on sabbatical leave. 4. PT faculty evaluation: J. Pinto asked for FT faculty volunteers to evaluate PT faculty; a sign-up sheet is posted on B1-28A door. 5. FT science positions: J. Pinto reported that he was informed by the Assoc Vice-President for Academic Affairs, S. Thompson, that those positions “were not approved.” The reason given to J. Pinto was that the AVPFAA wanted to first see the results of the academic audit of the Learning Lab. J. Pinto is to meet with her on 10-16-06 to discuss the matter. M. Yannuzzi suggested that the dept draw up a letter to S.
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This note was uploaded on 09/13/2011 for the course LEARNING L 110 taught by Professor Afrancis during the Spring '11 term at Community College of Philadelphia.

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Dept_Mtg_Minutes_Oct06 - Learning Lab Dept. Meeting:...

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