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Minutes of the Learning Lab Dept. Meeting: Sep. 2, 2009 Present: Ed Adolphus, Paul Bonila, Gail Chaskes, Lisa Cooper, Jay Howard, Lilla Hudoba, Henry May, Gary Mitchell, Michelle Myers, John Nace, Craig Neslon, John Pinto, Judith Reitzes, Otis Stevens, Julietta Thomas, Ted Wong and Mary Yannuzzi (C). 1. The meeting date noted on the agenda was corrected to read “9-02- 2009.” 2. M.Yannuzzi introduced Dr. Ted Wong, the LL’s newest FT faculty member (Bio), and welcomed him to the Department. 3. M. Yannuzzi announced that she was informed by A. DiBlasi on 8-24-09 that SACC was now part of the LL: M. Yannuzzi welcomed SACC faculty to the LL and introduced them individually to the LL faculty. 4. M. Yannuzzi distributed a handout that spelled out Dr. Gay’s rationale for moving SACC into the LL. 5. A change was suggested to the Minutes of the LL Dept. meeting of 5-23- 09: The first sentence under the bullet “Online Tutoring” was deleted. The minutes of the LL Dept. meeting of 5-23-09 were approved. 6. H. May asked about online tutoring and how students would know about it: M. Yannuzzi responded that Dr. Gay’s rationale (partly) for moving SACC into the LL was that that would give SACC faculty opportunities for advancement, professionally; therefore, if SACC faculty offer one-on-one tutoring or do small-group workshops, it may lead to a reclassification of instructional aides as faculty, possibly as assistant professors. 7. New LL faculty positions: M. Yannuzzi announced that we did not get a second science FT position; we do have A. Seixas returning as a science VL. Dean Cooper informed M. Yannuzzi that the sci FT position could be readvertised. M. Yannuzzi requested a Reading & Writing VL as well as an ESL VL. Dr. Gay approved the R&W VL and a math VL. The R&W VL will be structured so that that VL could be at the NERC, meeting the requirements of the NERC expansion. The math VL should be able to cover the Regional Centers. The VL positions will be posted on the College’s website as well as advertised in print media; once that is done, the Dept. needs to form hiring committees. All VLs are hired on a semester-to semester basis. J. Reitzes asked if we could re-request an ESL VL; M. Yannuzzi responded that Dean Cooper said “No.” M. Yannuzzi also announced that the LL FT positions are now counted as part of the College-wide FT-PT ratio for contractual purposes. 8.
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Dept_Mtg_Minutes_Sept09 - Minutes of the Learning Lab Dept...

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