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EXERCISE 2 - will be easy others may be harder As an...

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EXERCISE 2: ASSOCIATIONS The idea is to be creative and clever. You don't have to invent a rhyme or a poem every time you want to remember something, though -- just think of a picture in your mind that links pieces of information together, preferably something unusual or silly so it is more memorable. For example, suppose you want to remember that the football field is on Maple Street. You might imagine in your mind a burly football player eating a football for breakfast. .. he pours some maple syrup on the football, cuts off a chunk and eats it! To demonstrate how effectively this works, look at the following list of words, and try to come up with an association between the left word and the right word of each row. Some
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Unformatted text preview: will be easy; others may be harder. As an example, for the first pair, you might want to imagine a mouse that has a long, wavy tail that is in the shape of the letter S. mouse S fur R train bridge moat boat popcorn chair elephant pancake toothbrush canal umbrella triangle After you have formed the associations (if you had trouble on one or two of them, that's okay; just skip them for now), cover up the right side of the list and then try to name the word associated with each word on the left. If you formed vivid, clear associations, you may be surprised at how quickly and easily you were able to remember everything! from http://brain.web-us.com/memory/improving_memory.htm...
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