Finals Packet - The Late Paper PROFESSOR FREUD announced in...

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The Late Paper PROFESSOR FREUD announced in her syllabus for Psychology 101 that final term papers had to be in her hands by 12:00 noon on December 18. No students, she emphasized, would pass the course without a completed term paper turned in on time. As the semester drew to a close, KIM had an “A” average in Professor Freud’s psychology class, and she began researching her term paper with excitement. ARNOLD, Kim’s boyfriend, felt threatened that he had only a high school diploma while his girlfriend, Kim, was getting closer and closer to having a college degree. Arnold worked in a bakery where his friend PHILIP began teasing that Kim would soon dump Arnold for a college guy. That’s when Arnold started accusing Kim of seeing other guys and demanded that she quit college. She told Arnold that he was being ridiculous. In fact, she said a handsome young man in her history class had asked her out a number of times, but she had always refused. Instead of feeling better, Arnold now became even more angry. With Philip continuing to tease him at work, Arnold became convinced Kim was dating someone else, and he began telling her everyday that she was stupid and would never get a degree. Despite the tensions at home, Kim finished her psychology term paper the day before it was due. Since she did not have her own car, Kim decided to take the bus to the college and turn in her psychology paper a day early. While she was waiting for the bus, CINDY , one of Kim’s psychology classmates pulled up in her car and invited Kim to join her and some other students for an end-of-semester celebration. Kim told Cindy that she needed to turn in her term paper, and Cindy promised she’d make sure Kim got it in on time. “I deserve some fun,” Kim decided, so she hopped into the car. The celebration went long into the night. Kim kept asking Cindy to take her home, but Cindy always responded, “Don’t be such a bore. Have another drink.” When Cindy finally took Kim home it was 4:30 in the morning. When Kim woke up the next day, it was 11:30, just 30 minutes until her term paper was due. She could make it to the college on time by car, so she called Arnold who had a car and was off that day, and begged him to drive her to the college. He just snapped, “Oh sure, you stay out all night with your college friends. Then, I’m supposed to use my day off to drive you all over town. Forget it!” Panicked, Kim called Professor Freud’s office and told MARY the secretary that she was having car trouble. “Don’t worry,” Mary assured Kim, “it’s Christmas time. I’m sure Professor Freud won’t care if your paper’s a few minutes late. Just be sure to have it here before she leaves at 1:00.” Relieved, Kim decided to take the bus. At 12:10, Kim walked into Professor Freud’s office with her term paper.
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This note was uploaded on 09/13/2011 for the course LEARNING L 110 taught by Professor Afrancis during the Spring '11 term at Community College of Philadelphia.

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Finals Packet - The Late Paper PROFESSOR FREUD announced in...

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