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Five Minutes to Teach Study Skills in Class Annotating Objective: students will write own notes in margin Procedure: assign a paragraph or short section of a textbook or other reading assignment. The selection should include text which could be summarized by students. In order to facilitate summarization, it might include new terminology, a description of a process, a comparison of procedures, an explanation of causes. Annotation is a way to read a text, and it could be considered as the first “R,” for read, in the study approach in PQ3R. Ask students to read the selection and underline or highlight a sentence or
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Unformatted text preview: sentences which express the main idea of the selection. The students should read at least a paragraph before underlining or highlighting They should not read and underline at the same time. When the selection has been underlined, the students should take those underlined sections and write them in own words in the margin of the text. Ask students for examples of their summaries and use them to show suitable notations or suggest how they could be improved, perhaps by making them shorter or using abbreviations....
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