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Five pre - title author(s first paragraph subheadings...

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Five Minutes to Teach Study Skills in Class Previewing a Text Objective: introduce students to an efficient way to preview a text Procedure: select a chapter or section of a textbook or another reading assignment. The selection should  include the title and about a dozen significant features, such as sub-headings, text in  bold  or italics,  a graphic, such as a chart or picture with caption.   Tell students that they will preview, or survey, the text before reading.  This is a step in the PQ3R  approach to study reading.  The P, for preview, step is important since it will help readers organize  what they learn from reading, identify new information, such as vocabulary and concepts, and link the  reading to background information.  The students should have the text open and then be told that they will have 2 minutes to read the 
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Unformatted text preview: title, author(s), first paragraph, subheadings, captions, italicized or bold words, and last paragraph. (If the text is long, it might be necessary to shorten the amount to be read so that they students will be able to preview a section in 2 minutes.) Time the students, advising them when one minute has passed and reminding them that they are only reading selected portions of the text, not every word . When two minutes are up, ask them “What is the reading assignment about?” “What do you know about this topic, and what will you learn?” “Which italicized or bold words were familiar or unfamiliar?” “How long do you think it will take to read this section?” “What do you expect to learn from reading?”...
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